we will be there


Posted by Bingo Trappers | Posted in News | Posted on 04-11-2010

This piece is a kind of bridge, I suppose. Between here and now; here is where I’m sitting and writing this at my lovely desk, now is when you’re reading this from your lovely screen. Here and now and still. Yes, I’m becoming a smart-ass philosopher, slopping pearls from a sister planet.

The Bingo Trappers – Wim and me – have been busy recording a lot of songs for our new album lately, due to appear somewhere in the beginning of 2011. Well, hopefully I’m counting right, but I think it’s gonna be our 10th full-length release, that’s cassette/cdr releases included (the image left is the first BT casette sleeve ever, by the way).

If you’d like to check my maths, go to www.underwaternow.com/ihearstrangemusic/bands/bingotrappers ,

it’s a brave effort from my Italian friend Luigi to nail down all released BT-songs. Quite prolific, I guess we were there. Bari rules!

Here’s an unreleased song, as a bridge for my next item: the infamous Cactus & Incense sessions, winter 01 – 02! An embryonic Javastraat-version of a tune we worked out during those weird metamorphic days in a yuppy warehouse on the waterside. The view! Don’t meant that musically speaking, although I’m not even sure about it. More about that next time…

Guess you were here [ti_audio media=”76″]