going up the country


Posted by Bingo Trappers | Posted in News | Posted on 29-08-2013

I could almost hear Alan Wilson’s wonderful voice and the fife-and-drum borrowed flute when I drove to Morgny en Thierache some weeks ago. Bye, bye, dirty old town, I’m going up the country. In a rented Fiat 500 cabrio, I opened the roof when I passed the French border to let the sunshine in, after 5 minutes I was sweating all over. Here’s your country life… By the way, the French radio played Get Lucky from their national pride Daft Punk, and at the same moment I got this friday-noon-fever.

Girlfriend C. mentioned the Bingo Trappers-song ‘Killing Third Floors’ in her going-up-the country-inspired blog (connyspuybroek.blogspot.com), but I have to add some small corrections here. The song is called ‘Prettier’, and you can find it on our latest album Sister Planet. ¬†Guess we’re all looking prettier with our feet on the ground.

The other song is called ‘Call me Zippy’, an outtake from SP and dedicated to our beloved dachshund Snoopy, who also loved to have her four feet on the ground. Boy, did she love the countryside. Especially water, mud and dead birds.