kinky stars


Posted by Bingo Trappers | Posted in News | Posted on 02-03-2014

Early November 2013 we did a show in Gent, which is a beautiful town in Belgium. It rained all day, but we couldn’t care less. I mean, this wasn’t a show out in the open, we played in a warm and dark club called the ¬†‘Kinky Star’. Where the hell did they get that name from? I like it though, it has flavor.

While I was standing in front of the club to smoke a cigarette a car pulled over. A guy approached me, his face shiny and hot from anticipation. ‘Is this where Andre Williams is playing tonight?’ he asked me in some weird Flemish accent. I said: ‘No, the Bingo Trappers are playing here tonight.’ All I got back was a hollow stare. Then he ran back to his double-parked car. ‘Wait!’ I said. ‘I’ve heard he’s playing in the neigboring venue. So you’ve reached your destination.’ But the car had already sped away in rain and darkness. I’d never realised that ‘Bingo Trappers’ was such a scary name…

But I know Andre Williams. I mean, not personally, but somewhere back in the nineties I saw him doing a steamy show in Paradiso, Amsterdam. A brilliant performance. Hence, so much for that old bad  motherfucker.

‘Cause that night we were kinky stars.

Somewehere in that fall we made an acoustic cdr to sell after shows, just like the one in Gent. Here are two songs from ‘Seven More Furlongs’.