an evening with simon joyner and the bingo trappers


Posted by Bingo Trappers | Posted in News | Posted on 14-10-2012

I’m very proud to announce that we’re gonna do a show with mr. Simon Joyner, all the way from Omaha, Nebraska. And even more so, the Bingo’s are accompanying him on a couple of songs. That’s legendary stuff, I would say. Simon is a long time friend. Don’t know exactly the first time we’ve met, but that we met is evidently so. I guess it was 1995, or make it a year later. He’s my hero, cause he co-released Bingo Trappers first vinyl-attempt Sierra Nevada (together with Dennis Callaci), and that’s another thing to be proud of. That’s right, I’m not in a humble mood today. Say it loud. Well, hardly two years later,┬áduring my USA-roadtrip in 1997, I didn’t meet Simon Joyner in the noble town of Omaha, NE . But I met his brother. Simon was off to a wedding in L.A. But he’d set up a show up for me, and there was another local band; I tend to remember that they wore all white T-shirts and had white Fender Stratocasters. Anyway, there was a bright young dude in that band whose name was Conor Oberst. And I had no guitar with me, so I borrowed one of those white Fender Stratocasters. Still don’t know if it was his white strat.


sunday october 21

venue: De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

doors: 20.30

income: 5 eu



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