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I have a poor memory for years and seasons, let alone dates, but I think it was somewhere Winter 01 that Wim and me started the Cactus & Incense-sessions, as I mildly label it now. They took place at the home of a friend who lived in a renovated warehouse. Everytime we arrived there he had some incense burning in a ceramic shell. There was also this abundant collection of succulents and stuff like that, and I specifically remember a huge, and I mean HUGE cactus, lonesome and proud before a window. It gave me the impression that we’d land in some kind of indoor-desert, some holy resort to relief your senses. Whatever. 

When we first walked in there we were blinded by sunlight, but when our eyes got accustomed Wim started to yell and dance around this prophetic place. A piano, a real piano! Yes there it stood, almost as proud as the cactus.

So here are some unreleased songs from these sessions, with a real piano. When you hear drums it’s Henk Jonkers, of course.

The image is the sleeve I made for this very rare cassette, inspired by the album Stage Fright by The Band and the Vondelpark-posters I vaguely remember from my early seventies youth, but why the hell did I entitle it ‘Sundays’? Beats me.

whistling (under your breath)[ti_audio media=”96″]

clear day[ti_audio media=”97″]

marigolds[ti_audio media=”98″]

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