New vinyl-album Elizabethan


Posted by Bingo Trappers | Posted in News | Posted on 23-11-2018

Lately, a friend asked me: tell me, what are elizabethan eyes? And I answered: oh, I don’t know.  Really? Yeah, really. Oh, okay. But behind every truth there lies a lie – some big, some small, but they’re always there. Or a story. On our new album Elizabethan there’s a song called ‘Don’t steal my line’, and in that song there’s the line ‘when I see your elizabethan eyes’. What I had in mind while writing that song was the movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The mere power of speach – a fighting couple, killing each other with words (I grew up with a fighting couple, they happened to be my parents). Yes, elizabethan eyes could also involve the infinite gaze of William Shakespeare…

And here’s a very short story. We had these plays on highschool, and I had a scene with this classmate who was so nervous at showtime that she started saying my lines – as well as her lines, of course. So I had nothing to say.

Anyhow, the Bingo trappers are very proud to present their new album Elizabethan (a co-production of Morc Records, Almost Halloween Time, Unread and Grapefruit Records – thank you again, Wim, Luigi, Chris and Simon).

You can order this  vinylalbum (with download coupon) in Europe via Morc Records ( and Almost Halloween Time ( (handpainted sleeve!). In the U.S. via Unread ( and Grapefruit Records (www.


   Oh, you can also listen to the songs on Spotify, and buy them via CD Baby.

The forthcoming show is on saturday, dec 8 in the Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam, Netherlands. We’ll bring fresh copies of Elizabethan and rock da house.

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