the precipetous stairways of oud-west


Posted by Bingo Trappers | Posted in News | Posted on 05-11-2012

So, on Sunday october 21th, at 14.00 hr sharp,  mr. Simon Joyner stood waiting at my door with a suitcase and a guitarcase. I was late, and a bit hung-over from a party in West-Noord-Brabant, but he just gave me the same confident smile as 12 years earlier. That’s where friends are made for.  Well, we drank some coffee and talked, then I took a shower and a shave. I don’t know how many precipetous stairways up and down third-floor dwellings in A’dam Oud-West we took (and in the meantime Conny learned Simon to appreciate nasi goreng with some sambal on the side) but finally it was showtime in De Nieuwe Anita, and what precious (if not precipetous) moments we shared on that old basement stage… Needless to say it was a wonderful show on a young misty autumn night.  Legendary. The next morning the sun rose to make the old leaves even more crispier.

if you’d like to hear and see:  (just Bingo Trappers)

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