15 years of bingo trapping


Posted by Bingo Trappers | Posted in News | Posted on 06-05-2010

That’s about it. A kind of wedding-anniversary, well, lood om oud ijzer, to say it in proper Dutch (something like ‘lead around old iron’). I was on a very special school, and when I graduated they told me: you used to be a golden knight! That was very nice. Then they said: but it started to rain and  in the end, you turned out to be an iron knight, still a very good brand.  Happy me.   So here I am. But hey, we’ve been recording and playing our stuff for 15 years now! Children were born, storms were raging and heatwaves hit us, but I guess we were quite persistant in a way. Surviving our wars. And still fighting. Yo. Let’s take the lead.

We decided  to join the celebration with a  re-release of ‘More Soul’, our very first cassette-release on the famous Shrimper-label from Upland, Ca. It’s a special CDR with some outtakes that appeared on ancient comp-cassette releases…

Thirteen Guilder Trip[ti_audio media=”19″ volume=”100″]

Canceled[ti_audio media=”21″ volume=”100″]

Clean[ti_audio media=”22″ volume=”100″]

If you like to obtain the More Soul-cdr: please contact us at bingotrappers@gmail.com. We’ll figure something out.

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