cactus & incense


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I have a poor memory for years and seasons, let alone dates, but I think it was somewhere Winter 01 that Wim and me started the Cactus & Incense-sessions, as I mildly label it now. They took place at the home of a friend who lived in a renovated warehouse. Everytime we arrived there he had some incense burning in a ceramic shell. There was also this abundant collection of succulents and stuff like that, and I specifically remember a huge, and I mean HUGE cactus, lonesome and proud before a window. It gave me the impression that we’d land in some kind of indoor-desert, some holy resort to relief your senses. Whatever. 

When we first walked in there we were blinded by sunlight, but when our eyes got accustomed Wim started to yell and dance around this prophetic place. A piano, a real piano! Yes there it stood, almost as proud as the cactus.

So here are some unreleased songs from these sessions, with a real piano. When you hear drums it’s Henk Jonkers, of course.

The image is the sleeve I made for this very rare cassette, inspired by the album Stage Fright by The Band and the Vondelpark-posters I vaguely remember from my early seventies youth, but why the hell did I entitle it ‘Sundays’? Beats me.

whistling (under your breath)[ti_audio media=”96″]

clear day[ti_audio media=”97″]

marigolds[ti_audio media=”98″]

we will be there


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This piece is a kind of bridge, I suppose. Between here and now; here is where I’m sitting and writing this at my lovely desk, now is when you’re reading this from your lovely screen. Here and now and still. Yes, I’m becoming a smart-ass philosopher, slopping pearls from a sister planet.

The Bingo Trappers – Wim and me – have been busy recording a lot of songs for our new album lately, due to appear somewhere in the beginning of 2011. Well, hopefully I’m counting right, but I think it’s gonna be our 10th full-length release, that’s cassette/cdr releases included (the image left is the first BT casette sleeve ever, by the way).

If you’d like to check my maths, go to ,

it’s a brave effort from my Italian friend Luigi to nail down all released BT-songs. Quite prolific, I guess we were there. Bari rules!

Here’s an unreleased song, as a bridge for my next item: the infamous Cactus & Incense sessions, winter 01 – 02! An embryonic Javastraat-version of a tune we worked out during those weird metamorphic days in a yuppy warehouse on the waterside. The view! Don’t meant that musically speaking, although I’m not even sure about it. More about that next time…

Guess you were here [ti_audio media=”76″]



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After we returned from our notorious US-tour we started to rehearse in Noordwijkerhout, just a twenty minute drive from Amsterdam. But what a difference: a shed on the countryside – space, clouds, fields of tulips and close to the beach. We never went there of course, but you can always feel that the sea is near. And that’s comforting. So, after this 2-men-in-a-rental-stationcar-tour we decided  that we could form a real BAND, too. Why not? We decided on this:  (Bingo Trappers, Fall 2001) Marc on drums, Jan on bassguitar, Freek on turntable and guitar, Wim on guitar and what else not and me on guitar. And oh, I did some singing as well. We did a couple of shows with this line-up and recorded the song Intended Youth for the Morc/Luveable Nurse splitsingle with Mongrell, Wio and Pernath. Fond memories, love you guys. Here’s another song we recorded there. We are made of this. [ti_audio media=”51″]

smooth sounds forever


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Because of the 20th anniversary of Shrimper Records, WCKR SPGT took the wonderful initiative to invite a whole bunch of Shrimper-related bands to cover their future-hits. The Bingo Trappers were very honoured that they could join this celebration on CD and cassette! Smooth Sounds is released somewehere in June and turns out to be a GREAT selection of  artists and songs. So check it out… 

Cause and Effect[ti_audio media=”39″]

15 years of bingo trapping


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That’s about it. A kind of wedding-anniversary, well, lood om oud ijzer, to say it in proper Dutch (something like ‘lead around old iron’). I was on a very special school, and when I graduated they told me: you used to be a golden knight! That was very nice. Then they said: but it started to rain and  in the end, you turned out to be an iron knight, still a very good brand.  Happy me.   So here I am. But hey, we’ve been recording and playing our stuff for 15 years now! Children were born, storms were raging and heatwaves hit us, but I guess we were quite persistant in a way. Surviving our wars. And still fighting. Yo. Let’s take the lead.

We decided  to join the celebration with a  re-release of ‘More Soul’, our very first cassette-release on the famous Shrimper-label from Upland, Ca. It’s a special CDR with some outtakes that appeared on ancient comp-cassette releases…

Thirteen Guilder Trip[ti_audio media=”19″ volume=”100″]

Canceled[ti_audio media=”21″ volume=”100″]

Clean[ti_audio media=”22″ volume=”100″]

If you like to obtain the More Soul-cdr: please contact us at We’ll figure something out.